I am nothing without you...

Well not entirely true really, the table is still a table and I most definitely still exist without you. The reality is that I am unable to practice my craft of Massage Therapy without you, a living breathing body on my massage table (which by the way is an extremely comfy table, shout out to Pisces Productions for their masterful construction).

Receiving a 60, 90 or even 2hour focused massage therapy session is becoming more and more of something of a rarity these days as the pace of life quickens and and the attention span of humans ebbs to that of less than gnat fly-by.

But you love massage and take time out of your busy schedule to receive them.  Have you tried some of the following ideas for what to while receiving a massage session, hopefully on Maui?

A massage therapist is trained to focus attention solely on the individual they are administering the massage.  Although I have been disappointed to hear other masseuses brag about how adept they are at texting while massaging fear not, there are some of us who still abstain from physical and mental distractions.

While you begin to think of a massage as more of a focused session of non distracting thoughts and interruptions you can begin to enter into a new way of thinking about what a massage session really is.  For example, you may come up with new answers to the following questions. Why get a massage? What should I do while receiving a massage? Is all this chit chat I engage in during a massage really beneficial? 

Massage sessions can be used in many ways above and beyond the mere general accepted reason which seems to be "for relaxation".  Think about using it for some of the following reasons which all curiously seem to fall under the "visualization" umbrella. hmmmm

  • Do you have a big presentation or sporting event coming up? Mentally rehearse it going the way you want it to, the feedback from your muscles may surprise you.
  • Focus on your breath the entire session. Yes. You read correctly.  Focus on your breath the entire session.  Not hyperventilating of course just focus.  See your breath coming in and out of your body and reaching your cells. When was the last time you did that for longer than 3 minutes?
  • Rather than asking your Massage Therapist how tight your muscles are, feel your muscles as they are being massaged.  Feel when you tense up and when you soften.  See your muscles releasing tension and getting longer.  Get in touch with what is happening on a really deep level which coincidentally allows your massage therapist to effect deeper and deeper tissues effortlessly.

Massage can be so much more than the unfortunately craved after "elbows to the knotty areas."

Getting a mobile massage therapy session on Maui is "divine" (I'm stealing the word from my cousin who's to visit this week, I told her I'd give them all massages, she said that sounded "divine").  

So if you're on Maui book a massage and try out some new visualization techniques while you receive your session. You'll love your new tools